Infographic: An Educator's Journey to Effective Independent Study Program Management

In K-12 Education, personalized and virtual learning is becoming the norm, and many students are turning to Independent Study (IS) to meet their unique learning needs.

As educators face the challenges of adapting to complex administration, compliance, and documentation, effective program management is the key to success.

Learn how schools navigate the reality of IS in this infographic—crafted to guide and empower educators through each scenario of a successful IS program.


IS Infographic Preview 2

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School Pathways provides flexible, reliable software for independent study documentation and compliance.

From master agreement management to tracking synchronous instruction and managing tiered reengagement—we make it easier to deliver a great IS experience while streamlining state compliance.

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“I can say without exaggeration that working with School Pathways has been one of the brightest parts of moving our school forward. Their pleasant, prompt, professionalism makes this a worry free part of what we do.”

Desert Sands Charter High School, CA

Highlighted Features

Small white check mark in a blue circle  Digital master agreements

Small white check mark in a blue circle  Online activity logs

Small white check mark in a blue circle  Easier audits with document archiving

Small white check mark in a blue circle  Synchronous instruction tracking

Small white check mark in a blue circle  Built-in re-engagement list & emailing