Proven Solution for Independent Study Programs

With 1:1 lesson plans, online master agreements, pre-loaded publisher content, document archiving, student activity tracking and much more—let us help you master IS program instruction, administration, and compliance.


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Personalized Learning System 22-1
Online Master Agreements
Personalized Learning System 30
1:1 Instruction Plans
Personalized Learning System 23
Work Samples, Document Archiving
integrated online curriculum 31
Pre-Loaded Publisher Content
Personalized Learning System 25
Student Activity Tracking

Fuel Achievement by Meeting Each Student’s Education Needs

Each learner in Independent Study Programs has unique interests and aptitudes. Our solutions empower your teachers to create individualized instructional plans backed by access to the instructional resources and digital content each student needs to take their own path to mastery of the required learning standards and measures.

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Confidence in Documentation, Compliance, and Reporting

We make it easy to digitally create, deliver, collect, and store all of the documents required to ensure your Independent Study programs comply with state guidelines. Our system reduces the time required to generate compliance reports and verify data accuracy before submission to minimize errors and maximize funding received for your IS programs.

Verified Activity and Attendance

We make it easy to comply with IS program requirements and ensure student success with verified learner activity, assignments, and attendance based on connected learning app time and engagement data.


From Our Clients

We've specialized in solutions for personalized learning, independent study, and distance learning for over 20 years. Here's what one of our clients has to say.

School Pathway's PLS (Personalized Learning System) has been an invaluable system for Visions In Education since its implementation in July 2017. However, it has become even more important during this COVID-19 time when all school business is happening remotely.

-Michael Brubaker, Director of Operations
Visions in Education


A Quickly Growing IS Program

Parkview School selected School Pathways to administer its rapidly growing independent study program.

Parkview School, a TK-12 alternative school serving Independent Study (IS) students at Placenta-Yorba Linda Unified in Orange County, California, selected School Pathways as the platform to manage their IS program. The district has seen significant growth in the number of students participating in their IS program this year and will use School Pathway's Personalized Learning System (PLS) to make it easier for teachers to manage all aspects of Independent Study, from learning plans to program documentation and state compliance.