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Download the Ebook: The Comprehensive Guide to Meeting CALPADS Requirements

CALPADS isn't merely a data collection system. Meeting its requirements determines funding allocation and helps drive informed decision-making to enhance educational outcomes for millions of students across California.

Let this guide be your comprehensive resource for navigating CALPADS requirements with confidence. Download the ebook to learn:

  Why meeting CALPADS requirements is essential
  Actionable tips and best practices for complete compliance
  How to stay up to date with the latest updates and changes

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Ensure every administrator, teacher, and student has access to the information and tools that they need to succeed.

School Pathways' SIS+ Suite has all the essential features plus CALPADS-tailored additions to reduce administrative burdens, empower teachers, and enrich student experiences.

School Pathways CALPADS Submissions

“I can say without exaggeration that working with School Pathways has been one of the brightest parts of moving our school forward. Their pleasant, prompt, professionalism makes this a worry free part of what we do.”

Desert Sands Charter High School, CA

Highlighted Features

Small white check mark in a blue circle  Lottery management system

Small white check mark in a blue circle  Online registration and enrollment

Small white check mark in a blue circle  CA and charter specialized SIS

Small white check mark in a blue circle  Gradebooks and attendance

Small white check mark in a blue circle  Simplified CALPADS submissions